Lympha Press USA

lymphapress_logo Lympha Press offers products for the optimal treatment of lymphedema and venous insufficiency.

Lympha Press Optimal® Model 1201

Pretherapy™, based on the principles of manual lymph drainage. This mode starts by treating the proximal areas first. Used with our torso garments, Pretherapy™ treats the abdomen, trunk or torso before starting the distal to proximal therapy session. Used with our arm and leg sleeves, Pretherapy™ gives special attention to the top part of the limb.

12-Zone Gradient, calibrated “at the pump” Pressure can be adjusted in each compression chamber individually, or in four groups of three chambers each, for comfortable treatment of painful or fibrotic areas. The Optimal® has our Lympha Press® quick cycle time.

Optimal Model 1201Garments for torso clearance. Use with Lympha Pants™, for treatment of the abdomen and genital areas; or with Comfysleeve™ 1-75, for treatment of lymphedema and postmastectomy lymphedema in the shoulder, chest, back, abdomen and axilla areas.

Individualized therapy. The Optimal® offers choice of pressure, gradient, treatment mode, and treatment time, to meet a wide variety of clinical situations and patient compliance needs. Pressure and treatment mode can be adjusted to accommodate painful areas, fibrosis, and other considerations.

Bilateral Treatment The Optimal®, like all our Lympha Press® systems, can treat one limb or two, simultaneously. This saves treatment time and improves patient compliance.

Patient Lock – Pressure and modes are set and locked, according to physician prescription, making this exceptionally versatile lymphedema treatment system safe and easy to use at home.

Lympha Press® Garments

All Lympha Press® garments have our special overlapping chamber design, for fluent, comfortable and effective lymphatic drainage. We take pride in our innovative garments, and our ability to provide solutions for patients of almost every shape and size.

Zipper Sleeves: For arms or legs, with 10-12 overlapping chambers, sturdy bi-directional zippers and three-point adjustments for a perfect fit. Our Lympha Press® arm sleeve is renowned for smooth, fluent massage. Use with our optional shoulder attachment to treat the shoulder and deltoid area.

FL Sleeves: Treat the entire leg, including the foot and ankle, with 12 overlapping chambers. These sleeves fasten with hook and loop fasteners, with three points of adjustment, and can be fitted exactly to the shape of the leg, for best fit.

ComfySleeve™ for Legs: Our newest leg garment, with 12 overlapping chambers, a wider boot and zipper closure. The ComfySleeve™ has built-in hoses, for extra ease of use. For arms, see ComfySleeve™ 1-75.

Lympha Pants™: Designed in accordance with the principles of manual lymph drainage, Lympha Pants™ contain 24 overlapping compression cells and treat the entire lower body, including the abdomen and groin area, while providing complete bilateral treatment of the lower limbs. Lympha Pants™ are ideal for treatment of truncal, abdominal and genital areas. Our unique “one size fits all” design means we can provide this important treatment to patients of almost every shape and size. Our patented adjustable boot feature supports and treats the foot in a comfortable, neutral position.

Lympha Pants II™: Our unique modular design treats the entire abdomen and one leg or two, according to the principles of manual lymph drainage. The leg sleeves zip on to the torso garment, making it easy to put on and take off, just like a pair of pants! It has 12-24 overlapping chambers, to prevent reflux and promote directional flow. Use with one leg for unilateral treatment including the abdomen, or with two leg sleeves for simultaneous bilateral therapy from the toes to the waist.

Like all our garments, Lympha Pants II™ are easy to don and doff. Their non-strech fabric provides correct compression every time, and makes them easy to clean, for good skin hygiene. Lympha Pants II™ will fit most sizes, with optional expanders and internal adjustability for abdominal therapy.

The Petite Basic System™ Model 701

The Petite Basic System™ is a sequential pneumatic compression therapy system specifically designed for home treatment.

• Sequential compression with four overlapping compression cells to ensure distal to proximal flow and comfortable compression.

• Fully adjustable pause time to accommodate patients who require longer intermission for vascular refill.

• Pressure Lock-in feature prevents accidental tampering, for patient safety.

• The Petite Basic System™ garments are easy to put on and remove, with zipper closures and color-coded connections. The garments are available in a wide range of sizes, and are durable and easy to clean.

• The Petite Basic System™ can treat one or two limbs simultaneously.

The Petite Basic System™ meets the requirements of Medicare reimbursement code E0651.