juzo_logo Juzo offers a wide range of products including compression stockings, lymphedema garments, silver garments, prosthetics, and orthopedics.


Attractive OTC 5070 Series

Attractive 5070 SeriesFashion stockings that complement any special occasion clothing while keeping your legs energized! The smooth, specially knitted fabric provides a contoured fit you’ll love.

  • OTC sized by shoe or height and weight
  • Sheer (70 Denier)
  • Lace band with silicone border on thigh-high styles
  • Great for tired achy legs

Silver Sole OTC 5760

Silver Solde 5760Juzo® Silver Sole™ is made with X-STATIC® silver fibers which allow Silver Sole™ to naturally utilize antimicrobial benefits. Plus with our special pillowed sole protection you can walk for miles and your feet will feel great.

  • Unisex. Sized by shoe size
  • Silver knitted for antimicrobial benefits
  • Pillowed sole adds cushion to reduce blistering and callous buildup
  • Mid-foot compression to prevent sock bunching

Silver Soft 2060

Silver Soft 2060The Silver Soft has been improved to now feature a more inconspicuous look using greater concentration of the silver fibers where they are need most: on the inside of the garment. Silver Soft stockings knitted with silver offer anitmicrobial benefits. Patients with venous disease sometime have complicating factors, such as recurring infections, ulcers and skin breakdown.

  • Antimicrobial, all natural
  • Anti-static
  • Anti-odor
  • Unisex
  • Available open & closed toe

Lymphedema Garments

Soft Sleeve 2001 & 2002

Soft SleeveThe softest of our materials, this seamless, comfort sleeve helps to prevent or manage mild to moderate upper extremity lymphedema, and is almost unnoticeable when worn.

  • Light weight & natural
  • Seamless, soft and comfortable
  • Regular and long lengths
  • Wide variety of standard sizes
  • Machine wash and dry

Silver Strong Gauntlet

Model: 3051SV& 3052SV
Silver SleeveThe new Juzo Silver Strong Hand Gloves. Knitted with a micro-massaging weave and the natural attributes of silver. Infections and skin breakdown, are common side effects for individuals with lymphedema.

  • Micro Massage Weave
  • Antimicrobial, all natural
  • Heat dissipating
  • Custom made only
  • Flat and non-irritating seam


Genu 303 Knee

Genu 303This seamless compression knee sleeve helps to provide support for contusions, sprains and Arthritis. Also available in open patella.

Breathable, seamless knee support